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Voltage Optimisation

As part of our on going commitment to provide green energy saving solutions, we can help homeowners to save up to 12% on their electricity bills through VPhase voltage optimisation.

It is a little known fact that the appliances and lighting in the home use more electricity than is actually needed. By restricting the voltage that is used we can help to reduce the amount of electricity consumed – leading to significant money savings on electricity bills.

Using the same proven technology that has helped make huge electricity bill savings within industry for many years, the VPhase unit is a voltage optimisation device designed specifically for use in homes and small businesses.

By reducing and regulating the incoming voltage to a constant 220V, installing voltage optimisation provides householders immediate and significant energy savings for the whole home.

All electrical devices and appliances have to work across the EU range of voltage (207V to 253V) however many appliances will actually work more efficiently at the lower 220V that the VPhase typically maintains – meaning greater efficiencies and potentially prolonging the life of your electrical equipment.

The key features of installing voltage optimisation within the home include:

  • Saving between 8-12% on electricity bills
  • Short term payback & proven to work
  • No change in lifestyle required
  • 5 year warranty and maintenance free for 25+ year life
  • Easily installed with little or no disruption to the end user
  • Helps to reduce whole house C02 emissions
  • Helps ‘generate’ a greater rate of interest and savings when used to compliment other green technologies such as solar PV.

Simple to install, the VPhase unit is located alongside the consumer unit and requires no ongoing maintenance. It’s essentially a matter of fit, forget and make instant electricity bill savings.

For friendly, no pressure help and advice, contact the ‘AP Team’ and start making instant savings on your electricity bills today.

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