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How to make Solar PV work for you

If making between a 7-12% return on your financial investment sounds like an attractive option to you, look no further than installing solar PV on your home or business.

Installing a solar PV system to your home or business offers numerous financial rewards. It is an attractive financial investment generating an annual income, whilst making significant savings on your electricity bill and adding value to your home.

By converting daylight into sustainable green electricity the solar panels produce a direct electrical current (DC), which is converted into mains compatible alternating electrical current (AC) by an inverter normally located in your loft.

This AC electricity can then be used to power the existing electrical installation, with any surplus generated electricity fed back to the national grid.

Solar PV systems may be free standing, ground mounted or integrated into the roof or walls of building. They are commonly retrofitted onto existing buildings, usually mounted on top of the existing roof structure. Alternatively they can be located separately from the building but connected by a cable to supply for the building.

Roof Integrated systems are increasingly incorporated into new build domestic and industrial buildings as a principle or ancillary source of electrical power.

The size of Solar PV system, referred to in terms of its power output in full sunlight known as its kilowatt peak (kWp), is usually governed by available roof space and budget.