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Solar Thermal

How to make Solar Thermal work for you

If you are looking to save between 60-90% off your annual hot water bill, solar thermal could be the green energy solution for you.

By absorbing solar energy from the sun, the solar panels (also known as collectors) then transfer the green energy to heat the water inside the hot water cylinder to a preset temperature.

Highly efficient, completely controllable and low maintenance, a solar thermal system is easiest to install if you already have a conventional ‘system’ or ‘regular’ boiler.

Whilst working at its maximum efficiency during the summer months by producing in excess of 90% of the average household’s hot water requirements, installing a solar thermal system has multiple advantages.

A well-designed and properly sized solar thermal system can help contribute to significant savings on your annual energy bills.

With biggest savings made if your hot water is currently heated by electricity, then oil and gas, solar thermal works well alongside other technologies and is the ideal technology to use if you are considering upgrading your electrical heating system. (link to how electrical heating/dimplex section)

Requiring very little maintenance, installing a solar thermal system can lead to significant energy bill reductions. Also there is potential financial assistance towards the installation costs through the Renewable Heat Premium Payment (RHPP) and added financial benefits through the forthcoming Renewable Heat Incentive when it is launched in 2013.

We are also expecting Solar Thermal to be accessible through the forthcoming Green Deal initiative, which is being launched in October 2012.

As Worcester Bosch accredited installers, we can offer an extensive range of cost effective solar thermal systems, all designed to suit your individual needs.

By offering two types of the market leading Worcester Bosch Greenskies solar water heating collectors – evacuated tube and flat panel, we can design a system suitable for many locations ranging from ground mounted to pitched and flat roofs.

If you’re considering using proven green energy technology to provide you with low cost hot water comfort, contact the ‘AP Team’ today and lets us help find a solar thermal solution that is right for you.